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Freely express yourself on the Monday Morning Business Ethicist Blog but please abstain from the following types of comments/posts:

1. Comments announcing unrelated news; nonsensical posts that have nothing to do with the topic, repetitive diatribes posted to multiple items, and off-topic posts that hinder discussion. Please ignore such posts as it’s hard to keep the comments clear of them if several people respond to them and responses mix with actual commentary.

2. Use of offensive racial/gender/sexual preference/religion-bashing terms or other abusive speech (words with these overtones in your post name count); nation-bashing and associated comments directed at people and not the policies; plus personal attacks on other posters or writers. Also, if someone has trouble with English, please be respectful, as it’s probably not their first language. Avoid posting another’s personal information, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, and impersonating other users. In summary, please comment on your ideas versus commenting on people.

3. Spam and links to spam; product activation codes for software; links to inappropriate content such as porn and distasteful pictures; excessive use of profanity, and cussing in titles of comments/messages.

4. Useless, blatantly inflammatory messages not to be confused with useful flame bait, where someone has an opinion that greatly differs from the norm and wishes to express it in a meaningful and creative way.

5. Posts on other commenter’s grammatical/spelling errors. Spelling and grammar mistakes are inevitable but please direct these corrections only toward the Monday Morning Business Ethicist (I actually welcome the feedback on my own posts; I’ll try to correct the mistakes and then delete the related discussion).

6. Double postings and “Sorry for the double post” messages. I will delete the “sorry” and the double. Finally, any inappropriate posts in ALL CAPS and anything incomprehensible.

7. While each post is vetted by the Monday Morning Business Ethicist before publication, your comment should be replicated as long as these guidelines are followed.

Any posts detracting from public reading enjoyment may be deleted.

Thank you for contributing to the Monday Morning Business Ethicist Blog


Thanks also to for inspiring these posting guidelines.

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