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A Speedy Confession

It’s not only business ethics, but a personal matter. I’ve never held such animus against an individual nor a president. If Black Lives Matter, Talibans for hire, Bibles as props, private parts for grabbing, Covid-19 bungling, etc., wasn’t enough, this intermittent stirring of the pot against my people represents the straw that breaks the proverbial back. Sir, You say you care about our great Asian-American citizenry. Well, your actions again prove the veracity of your verbiage. 45 makes me want to say and act in ways I’ve never before. But I hold back my nausea as a man of faith, and a person of principle. I will certainly vote against you come November in order to remove you from office, but as a professional Christian ethicist, I wish I could do more. As a professor, you don’t know how many transgressions you as our “leader” have participated in and led to lure me into becoming such a biased actor against the Republican Party of my youth. Usually, I would opt to take a neutral political stance in my writings and oratory on whomever holds your position; but I find that to do so now is immoral; so I confess I cannot. I will still argue the strongest case from both sides of the aisle, which is philosophical protocol; but to support you, Mr. President, would represent a violation of personal conscience.

I welcome any of my reader’s thoughts and feedback.

No apologies in advance …

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